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Bo-Bo-Go, Merry Christmas!

Before we get started I wanted to say Merry Christmas!  I’ve had many friends and family members ask me over the past 24 hours how I felt about Bobo’s decision to take the CSU job.  This has been a long time coming but the day is finally here and I am as excited as one could imagine.  Mike Bobo has been hired as the Head Coach of the Colorado State Rams!  I know this may surprise you but I do wish him the best.  I’ve been reading the reports and ensuing comments regarding Bobo’s tenure at UGA.  I get it, you liked him, you wanted him to stay.  So let’s look at the what UGA is giving up (or better yet, not fighting to keep).  According to ESPN, UGA total offense in 2014 ranked 28th in all of FBS, averaging 454 yards per game.  Let’s look at some of the teams that finished in the top 27:

  • Marshall
  • Western Kentucky
  • Washington State
  • Texas Tech
  • Boise State
  • Georgia Tech

Hmmmm, Georgia Tech?  Yes, the same Georgia Tech that boasts less  1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 star recruits than Forest Park (GA) High School.  “But Bobo averaged more points than any other UGA football team since 1332, when Amda Seyon I, Emperor of Ethiopia, joined the coaching staff to lead the Bulldogs to an average of 963 yds per game.”  OK, that may be a stretch, but I get it, you liked him.  If you look at the average number of offensive points per game, 41.7, it looks pretty impressive.  But if you remove the powder puff league from the calculation, the points per game drop by a touchdown.  “So, we had Gurley and Chubb, we must’ve ranked in the top 10 rushing offenses in the nation.”  Nope, 12th to be exact.  “So, Bobo was a great play caller and QB coach, we must’ve ranked in the top 10 passing.”  Nope, not even in the top 50.  Let that sink in.  UGA did not rank in the top 50 in passing.  Some teams that ranked higher than UGA in passing in 2014:

  • Rice
  • UAB
  • Duke
  • Tulane
  • Akron
  • Iowa State
  • Georgia State
  • BYU

The list makes me sick so I stopped after 8.  I could’ve gone on and listed another 77 teams!  The only conclusion derived from this statistic is that the offense was not nearly as balanced as one might have thought.  Bobo did not display an ability to adjust, even when a team put 8 in the box to stop the run (Florida, South Carolina, Georgia Tech).  So what is UGA giving up exactly?  Here is my list of things UGA is giving up by letting Bobo go:

  • Predictability
  • Unimaginative play calling
  • Stubbornness
  • Conservative play calling when ahead by 10

Adios Coach Bobo.  Good luck to you and your family in Colorado.  We will both be better off in the end.


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Nerds, nerds, everywhere!!!

The enemy, GT students walking on UGA campus Saturday

The enemy, GT students walking on UGA campus Saturday

Saturday began as a great day in Athens, GA.  The weather, the atmosphere, the tailgating…it was a beautiful day.  I was blessed to have my immediate family with me at the game for the first time in nearly 30 years.  It went downhill from there.

It has taken a few days for me to process Saturday’s debacle between the hedges, but I feel compelled to say something.  Here it goes: I told you so.  I’ve said it and will say again that this is all we’ll ever be at UGA under Mark Richt.  We’ll be 9-3 or 10-2 at best, and the games we’ll lose will be the ones that we give away or don’t show up, and this one we gave away.  Before we get too deep I wanted to congratulate the players on a hard fought game.  You should

have won.  You did everything to win except defy the coaches instructions.  The next time one of you hear CMR suggest something as stupid as a pooch kick with 18 seconds left, please disobey.  80,000 fans stood silent as we saw field position gifted to GT.  Given to them on a silver platter.  Just a statistical tidbit before I move on – Number of GT kickoff returns in 2014: 36.  Number of GT kickoff returns for touchdowns in 2014: 0.  Feeling better yet?  Great call coach.

BREAKING NEWS: Opponents will do everything they can to stop Chubb and force us to throw the ball.  I just wanted to make sure everyone knew this little fact because obviously the braniac in the booth didn’t get the message.  “11 in the box”, as Kevin Butler admitted to observing during the post-game call-in show, was obvious to everyone but Bobo.  UGA had less balance Saturday than a frat boy on any Saturday night.  The play calling was unimaginative at best.  To back this statement up, let’s look at a prime opportunity to stretch the field.  It came in the second half when Tech punted a booming 30 yard punt, leaving UGA with excellent field position at the Tech 36.  The play calling would indicate UGA had the ball at it’s own 2.  Bobo called for Chubb twice then an incomplete pass that lead to a 53 yards FG attempt (blocked).  Why not try to stretch the field on 1st and 10 from their 36?  Why not take a shot at the end zone?  Oh, because they aren’t expecting us to run the ball.  I get it.  What a damn genius.  In addition, constant calls to throw the ball to Michael Bennett in the end zone left many of us wondering why throw the ball to the least athletic receiver we have?  Sure, he’s a great across the middle receiver or a quick up and out, but a corner post go-up-and-get-it receiver he’s never been.  Again, what a damn genius.

Hindsight is 20/20.  The problem is this isn’t hindsight (evidence).  I’ve had this site for several years and have been saying this for several years.  I constantly get the backlash from fellow UGA alum and friends that say I am doing nothing but being negative, but why should UGA settle for mediocrity?  Because CMR is a “good guy”?  The question that keeps coming up is this: “Who are you going to replace him with?”.  Well, here’s my list:

  • Hugh Freeze
  • John Gruden
  • Art Briles
  • Kirby Smart
  • Me

Yes, Me.   I said it.  At least I know when to kick it deep.


Play for 1, Sleep for 3

There seems to be a theme here.  It has taken me a while to gather my thoughts from the UF drubbing last Saturday, which is hard to believe because my thoughts are the same now as they have been all along, dating back to last season (False Hope).  What you’ve seen is what you’re going to get from this point forward.  Why do I get emotionally involved in a team only to be let down year after year?  It makes no sense.  At least we have a Defensive Coordinator that is honest and takes responsibility for the poor performance.  When was the last time Bobo commented on his team’s poor performance and taken responsibility?  Never.  I was skewered after the Arkansas game for commenting on the 2nd half play.  Well guess what?  I was right, they were wrong.  I am sure Bobo knows more about X’s and O’s than I ever will but from the outside looking in it appears that most of us can guess what is going to happen every year.  UGA will lay an egg in at least 2 games every year, minimum and become known as the greatest program with the greatest, undercoached talent ever known.

Play For 2, Sleep for 2.

It has taken a while to recover from the South Carolina debacle, with little motivation to express my opinions regarding UGA football.   After losing a game like we did to the Gamecocks, what more could be said?  Well a lot has happened since then and after last week’s win I thought I’d crank up the computer again and offer my thoughts.  I posted a simple post on FaceBook and it wasn’t well received by some of my peers.  Here was the post: “Why is Bobo afraid of scoring?  I just don’t get it.”  That was it.  Pretty simple.  Do you think I wrote that during the first quarter?  Second quarter?  I was watching the game, having a beer and dinner with a fellow UGA alum and said at halftime “God I hope we don’t get conservative”.  Why would I say that?  BECAUSE IT HAPPENED!!  And I knew it would.  Some of the responses to my FB post were:

  • I was waiting for a negative comment from you
  • Why can’t you ever be happy with a win? (the answer is yes, by the way)
  • …how can the offense put 38 points on the board and still be sweating bullets for the win?  The D is the problem
  • …and so on and so on

Here’s the deal.  If the offense would have mixed in a few pass plays to start off the second half they would have kept the defense off the field, and rested.  But Bobo didn’t.  Arkansas knew UGA was going to get conservative which led to two quick 3 and outs.  Chubb’s average per carry went from 10.58 yards per carry in the first half to 6.78 yards per carry.  That means he had 75 yards on 18 carries in the 2nd half (avg. of 4.17 per carry).  Momentum shifted.  And I get it, we had the game locked up after the first half, but these days that’s not good enough.  UGA must condition not only the team to play for 4 quarters but the coaching staff as well – and NOT get conservative with a huge lead.  Play for first downs and give the defense a break.  We will not get to lay down against Auburn, or even Kentucky for that matter (We’ll probably get to lay down against Georgia Tech after the first quarter).  If UGA is fortunate enough to make it to the SEC championship then their fate is in their hands and I hope they do not expect to only play for 2 quarters.

I am not as alone in my thinking as my FB peers would like to make me out to be.  Bill King wrote “It didn’t help, either, that Mike Bobo, who called a brilliant first half, got a bit conservative with his playcalling in the second half, typified by a third-and-4 in the fourth quarter where Georgia handed the ball again to Chubb, who could manage only 2 yards, rather than risk a pass.”  Typified.  Yes, predictable Bobo.

#freegurley #hangallen #playfourquarters #throwthedamnball #typified


Wrong Chubbs:


Wrapping up week 1

So does toss right, toss left make a genius of an offensive coordinator? According to Kevin Butler, it does. We’ll address Mr. Butler in a second.  As for Mike Bobo, he should consider the tailback studs at UGA the “bondsmen”, simply because they bailed him out of terrible play calling. Never once did Hutson Mason look off coverage or pump fake a pass. Nope, toss sweep right, toss sweep left were the name of the game last night. What will happen now is that Bobo will become overconfident in the ability to run the ball down the defender’s throat, which will become increasingly difficult as the weeks go by. Why not spread the defense and create opportunities for the backs? Because Bobo knows talent will make him look great. I stand by my statements from yesterday. At some point this year, and I hope I’m wrong, the UGA run game will be stopped and they will not have a plan B.

Now, back to Kevin Butler.  He has issues. First, stating that he is extremely impressed with Bobo’s strategy and play calling. Just on that statement alone he should be sent to Athens Regional Medical Center for a CAT scan. But to state that Johnny Harris has the best BBQ in the world? His family should take immediate action to seek psychiatric counseling. The Johnny Harris statement is an indicator as to how far his judgement has faltered, and then apply that same concern to his statements about Bobo.

What does my one legged grandmother…

…and any college defense have in common?

A: Mike Bobo couldn’t keep either one off balance.

Just for the record

I would take my mother as OC over Mike Bobo. 110 yards in the first half against Clempsun. Kudos to CMR for letting this underachiever continue disappointing the UGA faithful.